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Whether you are an experienced social worker or enthusiastic student of social work, or you are hard-core human right activists, or a researcher of human development, you need to be updated on latest development of policies and legislations, schemes and actions, critiques and opinions, in this fast changing world. But even in this age of 'information boom' it is not easy to retrieve right information spending minimum time and effort. Because where there is 'information boom' there is 'information overload' to make our search confused and time taking.

Government Campus


Right to Information Act 2005 is the most important act in today's India which enables every citizen of this country to access information from the government departments which have direct link with the life and livelihood of individuals or community.

NGO Campus


Helping them to find their place in the world of normal people Reshmi Saha and Kaushik Raha, both are the students of pre vocational. They come to school as they feel happy at the school. The wishes of them are different; Reshmi wants to be a singer and Kaushik, a teacher.

Media Campus


Two recent publications on elementary education in India highlight one very critical point: that quality in schooling is closely related to resources and that maximum quality standards cannot be alienated without minimum public expenditure.

Children Campus


Student life is meant for study, but is it possible to spend the whole student life only by studying? In addition to regular school curriculum there is the pressure to learn and practice recitation.

"Compus Campus" is an absolutely non-profit initiative of SPAN-Society for People's Awareness. SPAN is a Kolkata Based organization, which works for the human rights and human development, with a special focus on women and children, since 1989. The organization has remarkable grass root base and as well as play leading role in campaign and advocacy for child rights at state and national level.